Fun extending javascript's String

I was just trying to think the easiest way of writing a javascript pseudo code and came up with a way that you can actually write code. Get ready for some kinky syntax.

Avoid globals with .reduce()

Learn how you can avoid setting up global state when using a .forEach() loop that radically modifies the type or length of the array in javascript.

How I won a NASA competition, part 1

The steps that I've followed for years to reach where I am now, and how they helped me and Juan Carlos to win NASA's Space Apps competition

I love black boxes

Since I was young I've been fascinated with the concept of Black Boxes. Not the plane ones, mind you, I'm talking about Engineering.

Pure CSS Chart

After seeing and, I decided to try to do one chart by myself. I achieved this in 1 hour, and I'm happy that it's highly customizable by using pure css, flexible and interactive.

About Francisco Presencia

Who am I and what motivates me? Why do I (try to) write a blog?